VLAZE vitreous enamel Hearth Plate – Enamel Black Hearth


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VLAZE vitreous enamel hearth plates create a clean, modern platform on which to stand your stove. An excellent alternative to glass or polished stone they can be used on their own or alongside our heat shields and insert surrounds for a seamless floor to wall solution. They can also be mounted to the wall behind the stove to line a fireplace chamber.

Each hearth features a smooth radius edge and is insulated with fire rated fibreboard to take the heat and weight of the stove while still being light to handle. The plates are 12mm depth conforming to UK building regulations for non constructional hearths.

Item Hearth 800 x 850 – Enamel Black Hearth
800 x 850 – Enamel Black
Weight 12 kg


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