Semi- Circle Glass Hearth 249 – 53110


Use the floor hearths to protect your floor underneath your stove. Not only will they bring safety to your floor, they will also add style and variety. Choose from different shaped glass hearths.

The glass floor hearths are constructed in 12mm tempered clear glass, polished with a C-edge

All our glass hearths are CE marked.
For HETAS approval and to meet UK Building Regulations Document J they must be at least 12mm thick.

Please note, the glass floor hearth should cover minimum 300mm in front of the wood burning stove, and 150mm on each side.
We recommend to place a thin and transparent silicone joint between the glass hearth and the floor. This way you avoid that impurities come in under the glass hearth.

Item Semi-Circle Glass Hearth – 12mm x 1100mm x 850mm
Thickness: 12mm
CE Marked: Yes
Meets Buildings Regulations: Yes

Please Note: Allow up to 5 working days for delivery. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call.



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